Family owned and operated since 1959     

Holm Funeral Home



In early 1959, Larry and Carole Holm of Oskaloosa purchased the home of the late Miss Clara Schipfer estate at 320 N. Shuffleton in Sigourney Iowa.  Larry graduated from Oskaloosa High School and St. Louis College of Mortuary Science. He worked in Oskaloosa, Des Moines and Fort Madison before moving to Sigourney.  Larry is the son of Martin Melvin and Mary Elmina Folson Holm, who were superintendents of the Keokuk County Home.  Carole Leanhart Holm is the daughter of Max and Lyda Sheffer Leanhart of Martinsdale, Iowa.  Larry and Carole remodeled the home, and on December 6, 1959, they hosted an open house. Along with the funeral home Larry also provided ambulance service to Keokuk County.

Larry and Carole had two children, Leigh Ann and Martin Jeffrey.  Leigh Ann married John Waechter and they live in Cedar Rapids Iowa.  Jeff, after graduating Sigourney High School, University of Iowa, and Dallas Institute of Funeral Service, returned to Sigourney in 1983, to help his father and mother with the funeral home business.  Carole Holm died in 1984. Jeff married Shirley Trenkamp in 1984. Jeff and Shirley helped with the family funeral home until they purchased the funeral home from Larry in July of 1998.  Jeff and Shirley have two daughters Meredith Ann and Carolyn Leigh Holm and continue to operate the funeral home as a locally owned and operated family business, serving Sigourney and Keokuk County, for over 45 years.

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