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Julie Nimtz


Colleen Kiefer


Dale Long


Beverly Chambers


Steve Smith


Carol Dillon


Charlotte Fagen


Betty Derby


Marian P. Freyslaben


Dorothy Wilcox Wonderlich


Carol Appleget


Dorothy Fry


Arlene Clarahan


Richard "Dick" Martin


Crystal M. Aldrich


Grace M. Haines


Richard E. Disney


Lawrence "Buck" Watson


Yvonne Haines


Miriam Lawrance


Mary E. Dickinson


Raymond Conklin


Dolores Bowman


Kathy Long


Stacy Sterrett


Spencer Schwind


Russell E. Smeltzer


Steve Fry


Marie Denny


Claude Denison


Teresa Hoffman


Dorothy H. Dyson


Mary Follman Clubb


Russell Aldinger


Terry Bower


 Nick Smith


Harold Kerkove


Margaret Striegel


Cletus Hammes


Lorena Bair


Letha Culp


Sandra Conner


Janice Lanman


Janet Hinrichsen


Lucina Pitsch


Lora Utterback


Marie Landers


Leonard Lisk


Kenneth Hammes


Fern Dyson


Richard Denny 


Beatrice Clubb 


Roberta Hansen


James "Jim" Yates


Dean Barnhart


Iona Streigle


Rudy Reed


John Flanegan


Bertha Ragan


 Dorothy Kerber


Yvonne "Bonnie" Mallinger


Shirley Cavin Murray


Richard Weber


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