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Our professional services include but are not limited to, availability on a 24 hour basis, consultation with family and clergy, assistance of staff in all necessary phases of arrangement, obtaining, preparation and filing of all necessary notices, authorizations and consents, certificates and permits and coordinating with those providing other portions of the funeral.

Of all the ways one can express love, one of the most thoughtful involves funeral planning before the need arises. It's not always an easy thing to talk about. But who wouldn't want to take the needed steps to spare those they love unnecessary hardship and complication? This is truly "piece of mind".

Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns you may have. We are always available to assist you in any way that we can.


Cremation is the second most common form of disposition in the United States behind ground burial, and is selected for many reasons.

Some people are surprised to learn that cremation does not preclude a funeral with all the traditional aspects of the ceremony. Visitation or viewing with a funeral ceremony and church or memorial services are options to be considered. Such rites are for the benefit of the living, to help family and friends find support during their bereavement and to honor the life and memory of the deceased.

Cremation creates new options, and as with any funeral arrangements can be as individual as the people involved.

After cremation many people prefer to bury the cremated remains in an urn or urn vault. Above ground entombment, permanent possession or scattering are other choices for final disposition.

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